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Creating Blog at Blogger

It is such a common phenomenon that nowadays people use online platform, like social media, to share their stories, or rather perhaps timeline.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and now Tiktok, have been the greatest influence in today’s social media. Yet, for some people, blog is affecting much rather than those mentioned since blog has more meaningful and less-hoax information.

In the education field, blog has become a very supportive tools to present the materials taught, especially after Covid-19’s outbreak.

Therefore, it is a helpful platform for people to share valuable information, especially for teachers. In addition, students can open the site as often as possible when they need to remedy the discussion presented after the online class.

Since many people are now connected by google platform, it is easier then to use to create your own blog. Blogger is a part of google which will be easier for you to sign in.


1. Open site in a new browser by typing

2. Use your google account to register

3. Type your google e-mail password. Click Next!

4. Type your full name. Click Next!

5. Click "Next"

6. Type your preferred name for your blog until it is available. Click next!

7. Type your full name. Click next!


8. Your blog dashboard is new. Then, if you want to modify your theme, click Theme!

9. Choose one of the theme that you love. Then click Apply!


10. Then if you want to compose a post, click the + button at the very right of the bottom dashboard.

11. After typing your composition, then click send/post. Your dashboard where your posting is available, you still can edit it anytime you want.

12. Click "lihat" to see your posting in a new browser

13. This one example of how your work or post looks like.

14. Share the link of your post for people to read.

Happy blogging!

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