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The Sun Trapper

One of the most beautiful afternoons in the valley of Mount Woodenwild, a girl was standing on the savannah to see the sun setting. She looked up the sky getting darker with some blink of sparkling stars. She pointed at the sun following its shadow until it lost by the edge of the earth.

Ashley                  : I lost you again today. (She sighed)
A man came over her. Another friend.
Jack                        : Catching another sun set, heh?
Ashley                  : Yeah, another failure!
Jack                     : You should stop this. He won’t return to this village!
Ashley                  : I would stop if he returned to this village! (Bold)
Jack                     : You are lunatic! (Sarcastic)
Ashley                  : Excuse, me? (Annoyed)
A man called Ashley and Jack from another hut.
Terry                     : Hey, you guys, come here. I need help!
Jack                        : I am coming (Call out loud)
Ashles                   : issshhhhh… (Still annoyed following Terry’s order)
In the hut, they saw Terry messed up with Kirin properties. 
Ashley                  : What are you doing with Kirin’s stuffs?
Terry                     : I just want to see something that she talked about during our lunch.
Jack                        : And that would be? (Questioning)
Terry                     : Her treasures! (His eyes ball widening)
Ashley                  : What treasure?
Jack                        : And now you even believe it? (Surprised)

Terry                     : (He thought for a moment) Yes, The sun trapper!
Ashley                  : Did you say “the Sun Trapper”?
Jack                     : Oh, this is an unintelligent discussion between two moron people on earth!
Ashley                  : Watch your mouth! (Annoyed for the second time)
Terry                     : Just help me out or you may leave the room? (Offering easily)
Jack left the room.
Ashley                  : So, what does it look like?
Terry                     : It is made of glass. Red. And triangle. That’s the clue!
Ashley                  : Get it! (Feel excited)
Meanwhile, Jack was looking for Kirin. He felt ashamed by the two doing in her hut. 
Kirin was in the river. She speared some fish for tomorrow’s lunch. She wanted to show to Ashley that she was capable to survive as an adult too. The Ju Clan had too survive.
Kirin                       : (Holding her spear, she watched carefully the flow of the river. She was able to get used to it) Where are you, mermaids? There you go! (She speared one common mermaid fish)
When she started to spear for another one, she heard someone calling her.
Jack                        : Kiriiiiiinn… Kiriinnnn… (Called out loud)
Kirin                       : Right here, brother! (She speared another one)
Jack                        : You should return to your hut now! (Enthusiastically)
Kirin                       : Why should I? (Speared another fish)
Jack                        : Jack said that he was looking for your treasure!
Kirin                       : And what was that treasure of mine? (Astonished)
Jack                        : The Sun Trapper! (Thinking if he mentioned the right term)
Kirin                       : Ah, that thing! (Laugh)
Jack                        : Now, here’s another stupid lady! (Rolling his eyes)
Kirin                       : Hey, be careful to what you say, dude! (Annoyed)
Jack                 : They are trying to steal your treasure and you laughed. You all try to make me mad! (Angry)
Kirin                       : Ok, here’s the plan, you moron!
Jack                        : What plan? (Curious)
While Kirin tried to explain the plan….
In the hut…
Ashley                  : I can’t find it! (Sighed)
Terry                     : I think I find it! (Smiled)
Ashley                  : Where? (Questioning)
Terry                     : It’s here, come! (Asking)
Ashley                  : (Hurriedly) show me!
Terry                     : (Showing his right hand) This is the Sun Trapper! (Smiled sincerely)
Ashley                  : Where is it? I can’t see it! (Sad)
Terry                     : My hand! It is the sun trapper. To catch you.
Ashley                  : I don’t get it!
Terry                     : I want to catch your light that you have always left with sun.
Ashley                  : Are you trying to make fun of me? (Angry. Left the hut)
Terry                     : I like you (Yelled out from the hut). I fall in love with you, can’t you get it?
Ashley                  : What? (Startled)
Jack and Kirin came when the confession of Terry’s feeling.
Terry                     : Everyday I saw you staring at the sun. When the sun sets, you are heartbroken.
Jack and Kirin nodded at Ashley. 
Terry                     : I am sorry for being rude but please…
Jack                        : He’s right. He’s gone. You should see the future.
Kirin                       : I can’t stand seeing you suffering. Since you were still with Luke, I know that Terry has a heart for you.
Terry                     : Give me a chance. I’ll be sad if you are sacrificing yourself with the shadow of Luke.
Ashley                  : I am sorry… I have never seen it coming… I just…
Kirin hug Ashley. 
Kirin                       : Well, at least you should try to use the sun trapper? (Offering)
Ashley                  : (Blushed) This is embarrassing! (Smiled)
Jack                        : I know you want Terry!
Terry                     : Shut up, Jack! (Shy)
Kirin                       : Hey, I caught some mermaid fish. Jack and Terry should cook it and the ladies are the princess to be served now.
Terry                     : You got it. Come on, Jack!
Jack                        : Ah, what a mess!
Everyone laugh….

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