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In The Library

The chirping of the birds didn’t seem to be heard when thunder touched the land. The grey cloud moved fast as wind danced with the tree. A man with the gloomy face came from a out of that Library. He was wet and mad.

Mr. John              : Darn! I get wet now!

Ms. Stoeva         : Mister, would you mind to put your coat there? (She pointed to  the hanger next to John)

Mr. John              : I will, mam. A minute, I believe! (Annoyed)

Ms. Stoeva       : (Shaking her head) You should be grateful that I let you in, Mister impolite! (More annoyed, devilish)

Mr. John              : Sorry, Mam. My bad. (Bold)

Ms. Stoeva continued her reading. Her eye glasses looked terrible. She looked like an uneasy librarian, or Mr. John would rather to call her Ms. Devil-Eyes.

A man on the corner sat near the window waving his hand toward Mr. John, Mr. Lee. He was a Chinese doctoral student in Michigan University. It would be his last year before he went back to China.

Mr. Lee              : John, over here! (He forgets that he is in the Library)

Ms. Stoeva starred at him as if he were one of her prey for dinner. 

Ms. Stoeva         : Would you mind, Mister corner?

Mr. Lee               : Oups, Sorry. My apology, Ms. Stoeva. (Polite)

Mr. John              : Hi, Lee? Howdy? (Indistinct voice)

They shook hands. Then Lee signed John to hurriedly sit down. He seemed to discuss something about Ms. Stoeva.

Mr. Lee                : Listen, buddy! You should date her! (Indistinct voice)

Mr. John              : What! (Loud)

Mr. Lee & Ms. Stoeva    : Sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

Mr. John              : Are you insane? (Annoyed) She would be the last woman in this world that I would ask for!

Mr. Lee               : Come on, she is beautiful! I saw her shopping in the P-Market last night.

Mr. John              : Lee, stop it! I hate her! (Disgusted by the image of Ms. Stoeva)

Then Mr. John stood up and looked for a travel book. He got lottery for a flight to Indonesia. He didn’t seem to know the place. He didn’t find any clue where to find the book. He went to Ms. Stoefa’s desk.

Mr. John              : Excuse me, Mam, where can I get travelling books?

Ms. Stoeva         : What would you like to do with the book?

Mr. John              : Tear it then burn it into ash! (Sarcastic)

Ms. Stoeva         : Then you can go to the door and find it on the dustbin! (Sarcastic)

Mr. John              : Mam, do you have any problem with me? (Annoyed)

Ms. Stoeva         : You are the one who makes trouble with me, Mister Wet-pants! (Angry. Loud)

Everyone in the Library glanced at them. Lee was undoubtedly ashamed because on of his friend was messing up with a city Librarian.

Mr. John              : Mister, what? (Uneasy. Hold his temperamental smile. Exhale hard)

Mr. Lee came to dismiss the fight. But someone next to him grabbed his hand and smiled.

Mr. Pole               : Nah, It’s fine. They are just starting to know each other!

Mr. Lee was dropped open to hear the fact that someone has that ridiculous idea. He sat down and watched them fighting.

Ms. Stoeva         : Oh, I know one thing that left from you, gossiper!

Mr. John              : Gossiper? What was that for? Are you out of your mind? (Angry)

The library was a mess. Everyone was watching them. They didn’t realize that they were more popular issue than the books themselves.

Mr. Pole               : So, Mr. Lee, how was your research?

Mr. Lee                : How do you know my name? my research? (A little bit freaked out)

Mr. Pole               : Oh, my name is Pole. I am Ms. Stoeva’s brother. 

Mr. Lee                : Ms. Stoeva’s brother? (Stammered)

Mr. Pole               : She told me many things about that big guy John and you a little bit.

Mr. Lee                : (Confused. Anxious) I don’t understand, Mr. Pole! (Shaking his head slowly)

Mr. Pole               : My sister said that she had a very loud visitor in the library and a friend of his, a Chinese one.

Mr. Lee                  : That was racism! (Annoyed)

Mr. Pole               : Ah, hahaha she didn’t mean that. She just wanted to describe! She liked him! I heard that he didn’t come for about two weeks and she was gloomy. Check this out!

Mr. Pole came to them and stopped their fighting. He brought Mr. John and Ms. Stoeva to Mr. Lee’s desk.

Mr. Pole               : And you little loud monster, would you sit down for a moment? (looking at Ms. Stoeva) We need to speak with you both! (He glanced at Mr. Lee by blinking his eyes)

Mr. Lee                  : Yeah, we need to speak with you!

Mr. John & Ms. Stoeva  : What?? (Loud. All together)

They looked at each other and blushed.

Mr. Pole               : Eva, do you know what is this man's favourite book?

Ms. Stoeva         : Why should I answer it, brother?

Mr. Pole               : Just answer it! (Bold)

Ms. Stoeva         : 3 DAYS IN JAKARTA! (Uneasy)

Mr. John was a little bit startled. He was nervous too.

Mr. Pole               : Mr. John, hello, why do you keep asking her where’s the book everyday?

Mr. John              : I forgot where the book is, Mister…. (Questioning)

Mr. Pole               : Pole. Guys, stop being stupid. I know you like each other!

Mr. John & Ms. Stoeva  : What?? (Loud. All together)

Mr. Lee look very entertained. He saw where it was coming.

Mr. Lee                : I now get it clearly, Mr. Pole! (Nod. Smiled)

Mr. Pole               : If you guys did this for you entire life, you both will get older without dating each other!

Mr. John & Ms. Stoeva felt embarrassed. 

Ms. Stoeva         : Brother, can I leave now. There are people queuing. (Gulped. She left)

Mr. Pole               : If you like my sister, go for it. She loves you too, if I can tell.

Mr. John              : Are you sure? (Excited)
Mr. Lee                : Liar. You said you didn’t like her! (Laugh)
Mr. Pole               : I know when she’s happy. When she sees you, she’s sunshine.
Mr. Lee                : When she pretends to read the book, she glances at you secretly. And you do too!
Mr. John              : Can you send my apology to her for being rude. It’s my first time I fall in love! (Shy)
Mr. Pole               : You should do it yourself!
Mr. Lee               : Tonight will be romantic.
Mr. Pole               : That would be great!
Mr. John              : Thank you for your concern. To think that you are her brother!

They laugh.

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