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Our Friend, Hameto

The bell rang and the students crowded along the school corridor. It’s time for Shalat Dzuhur and lunch. It would be our last day at Dwiwarna Senior High Boarding School with our ETA (English Teacher Assistant), Mr. Hameto Benkreira from AMINEF, America.

 During the lunch, some students performed with an electric guitar and such. They sang “Kemesraan” by Iwan Fals to make “A Moment to Remember” although our guest, Mr. Hameto didn’t seem understand due to some noise at that time. Besides, the song was sung in Bahasa Indonesia and everyone was too busy to enjoy their lunch. Then Mr. Aris came to deliver his speech and so Talitha Rahma, a representative from Dwiwarna Senior High Boarding School’s students to thankful for being at our school. The last performance was presented by XI Science I performing “Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C” and “Love is You by Cherrybelle.” He said that it was the first time that he could laugh a lot. And we were happy to hear it.

We had a lot of during a week before his leaving. We went to Botani Square, Bogor a lot.

On Wednesday, May 2nd 2012, we had Japanese dinner at Hansuki. There were Mr. Hameto as our guest, Mrs. Eviaty Eko – Japanese teacher, Ms. Ari Rahayu – English teacher, Ms. Siti Samsiah – Germany teacher, Ms. Andi Siti Rahmawati – Accountant teacher, and me. We had a lot of Japanese food and ate much. That was great after all.

From Left: Ms. Andi Siti R, Ms. Ari, Mrs. Eviaty Eko, Ms. Siti, Mr. Hameto at Hansuki Botani Square Bogor

On Saturday, May 5th 2012, we went to see “The Avenger” with two students, Yusrin Hasan and Indah Utami Putri. There were Trisna from IT and Ms. Reni Sinta Dewi as the Counselor Teacher came along to share the joy.  The movie was so damn good.

From Left: Yusrin Hasan, Ms. Trisna H, Ms. Reni SD, Indah UP, Mr. Hameto
On Monday, May 7th 2012 we were invited to have the farewell dinner at Talaga Sampireun at Bintaro, in South Tangerang. The view was romantic and outstandingly warm. There were some most comfortable huts along the lake and traditional lanterns. A swarm of fish was waiting to be fed and  Intan, one of our students poured some of fish food.

Fried Gurame with Mango Sauce

Fried Calamari with Soy Sauce

Fried Prawn with Chili Sauce and Pete

Fried Crisp Calamari
Stir Velvetleaf with Spice

Then Mrs. Carmen Jahja, our principle arrived and ordered the dinner. Wow, we really had party there. More than ten plates of fish with various tasty ingredients and other sundanese food were served on the table.

Fried Crisp Prawn with Cayenne Pepper Garnish

The Other dishes we order, yummy

Ribs Soup with Green Tomatoes

In addition we asked more plates to satisfy our appetite. Mrs. Carmen Jahja persuaded us to have a very special traditional dessert made from Tape (A traditional Fermented Cassava from west Java) named Tape Goreng Keju (Fried Fermented Cassava with Cheese Garnish). Cool hah? I made the name by myself haha :D

Fried Fermented Cassava with Cheese Garnish
Then we took a lot of pictures together. And that was memorable. Thank you very much for coming here and especially helping me a lot with the students, and so did with the AMINEF Proposal. 

From Left Up: Fafa, Fikar, Fian, Ms. Ari, Mr. Resky, Mrs. CJ, Mr. Aris, Frau Siti, Evi Sensei - From Left Below: Mr. Hameto, Safira, Intan, Me

From Left Up: Fafa, Fikar, Ms. Ari, Mr. Resky, Mrs. CJ, Mr. Aris, Frau Siti, Evi Sensei - From Left Below: Fian, Mr. Hameto, Safira, Intan, Me, Ms. Reni

From Left Up: Fafa, Fikar, Ms. Ari, Mr. Resky, Mrs. CJ, Mr. Aris, Frau Siti, Evi Sensei - From Left Below: Fian, Mr. Hameto, Safira, Intan, Me, Ms. Reni
Safira & Mr. Hameto
Mr. Ipul & Mr. Hameto


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