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Selamat datang di blog saya. Selamat menikmati menu beragam yang akan mengisi dahaga mu akan ilmu dan rasa lapar mu akan cerita tentang hidup. Jangan dulu meninggalkan meja makan ku sebelum kamu kenyang dan siap melangkah lagi. Salam kebajikan.
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This Broken Part

This single thing I keep is like my lifeguard to stay alive

because I am not used to living in a crowded population of the world

with such Bond and little thing called love;

There's no mistaking for me to be quite and to be odd.

I shut my mouth,

even my ears, my eyes, and my mind.

I close this broken part

so that I could prepare the worst thing for mine.

Lost and Niumb

when I watch the sun shines

Though people defines it as the source of light

and makes me paralyzes!

Gone away

wished when I had gone to my home

yet I turned to play

and still had the moment to remind a place in rome

Silent in the woods I found

told me to get back to the city

where I could find busy folks counting money and desperated for their life.

I think I've been blind

since I can't see any purity

in every way affection may buy and sell for five...

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