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Selamat datang di blog saya. Selamat menikmati menu beragam yang akan mengisi dahaga mu akan ilmu dan rasa lapar mu akan cerita tentang hidup. Jangan dulu meninggalkan meja makan ku sebelum kamu kenyang dan siap melangkah lagi. Salam kebajikan.
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Might oh Might

Lit a little light
for life is far from light
and I have no bright
in this small sight

wish you could ever be right
though all I said was "might oh might"
and you could yell "Die or Fight?"
but still there were no knights

Believing in dream and future-laughter
as if the manner of world hadn't grown so severe
my insticnt escaped hurriedly to the back farther
and had me lost as a fact of matter

for burning
every single thing
thus melting

Let's end this little talk
for I detest your two beautiful tiny blue eyes
when asking me for some walk
and I refused to give you any lemonade with ice
to let you dry with those creepy board and chalk,
cockroaches and mice...

Sukabumi, some little time in July and August

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